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The pioneers for sustainable corporate gifting.

Let’s keep this simple: sustainability matters – to the planet, and vitally to ASA Brands. As a long-standing family-run company, we have always focused on selecting gifts that made sense for business and also our suppliers. We have taken our responsibility seriously and are 100% committed to bringing sustainability into each and every part of our business. It just makes sense – for us and for our clients.

We are dedicated to providing your company with meaningful gift experiences on time and within budget. Think of us as your Brand Experience team – an extension of your marketing department. We care just as much as you – if not more – about delivering brand excellence.

Committed to sustainabilty

What does this mean for corporate gifting? We are dedicated to providing your company with meaningful gift experiences on time and within budget but with the added bonus of not costing the earth – that can be gifts that use much less water in their production, items that are carbon neutral and products that use recyclable, sustainably sourced materials. 

We believe the only future for the promotional market is to become a 100% sustainable gift supplier. It makes sense for us and for the planet. It’s a win-win! Dedicated to sustainability and the development of a responsible collection, we can project our brands and environmental goals whilst aiding the reduction of landfill waste. Choosing the right materials is an essential part of our strategy e.g. selecting organic cotton, recycled paper and fabrics, reduced glass or steel materials and products able to be recycled.

For those that know

You know what you want. We know that you know what you want… So why waste time? Let’s get you to the ASA store where you can choose what you need and get your order started!

For those that want inspo

Our curated collections are just that – carefully selected products that we know your employees will love. As a member of the IGC global gift network, we have exclusive access to amazing, sustainable gifts.

Our exclusive IGC membership

As the exclusive Ireland partner of the IGC network, we have access to the best suppliers, product innovators and service delivery network in the world! It is our delight and privilege to deliver your brand excellence to your teams across the world.

Why become an ASA brand?

We put your brand in the heart of our family, up front and centre. We gather round and collectively create solutions unique to your requirements, going the extra mile because we genuinely care.

Our best sellers

Here’s what the cool kids are literally checking out…

Personally Connected Box


A5 cork notebook with pen in Gift Box


Bobby Backpack


Glass lunchbox with bamboo lid


Stainless steel flask with tea infuser and cork base.


Wooden desk stand with pen & phone holder & clover seeds.



#asabrandsontour is back, this time skiing in Biberwier, Austria! ...

Who knew?!
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A brand new brand.

Apparel brands have been unbelievably unbelievable over the last decades. That’s why XD Connects & ASA Brands launches a different kind of brand.

Meet Iqoniq. An apparel brand that doesn’t claim sustainability or eco friendliness.

We believe it’s not up to brands to label themselves with sustainable claims. We believe it’s up to brands to be honest and clear about how their products are made.

Iqoniq’s only claim is to be as transparent as possible in the way it produces it's apparel, so that you can make a better decision. So that you only wear what you can believe in.

Get in touch with our team for more information.
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How cool is this!! You can PLANT your events gifts when you are finished!

Give your attendees Seed Paper gifts and watch your branding GROW!

Contact us for more information at infContact us for more information at inf#familybusinesso@asabrands.ie
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Chinese New Year officially starts today! The Year of the Rabbit!

The Lunar New Year represents a time to let go of the past and embrace the new, with families coming together for feasts and cultural customs.

Cleaning one’s home and eating fish, for example, are traditions believed to bring good luck and abundance in the coming year.

Paying respects to older generations and receiving red envelopes with money are also significant aspects of the holiday.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the rabbit is associated with characteristics such as being caring, attentive to details, and successful in both career and social life.

Happy Lunar New Year from all the team at ASA Brands!

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Wishing our friends in @corksredfm a very happy 21st birthday from us all at ASA Brands! Enjoy the celebrations. ...

Choose sustainability and make more profitable sales!

#wednesdaywisdom is back to remind you to either start to incorporate sustainable practices into your business or continue to do so! ...

Happy New Year from the ASA Brands team! We hope 2023 will be your

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Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas from all the ASA Brands team.
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Another interesting fun fact about the importance of sustainability in businesses!

Tune in at 11AM on Friday to listen to Michelle and Caroline discuss ASA Brands' journey and our accreditation as an All-Star Branded Merchandise Company 2023, and a 4 IN-A-ROW Business All-Star.


Back with the #wednesdaywisdom with a helpful fun fact! ...

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