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Your brand, our promise.

We are dedicated to providing your company with meaningful gift experiences on time and within budget. Think of us as your Brand Experience team – an extension of your marketing department. We care just as much as you – if not more – about delivering brand excellence.

Committed to sustainabilty

For those that know

You know what you want. We know that you know what you want… So why waste time? Let’s get you to the ASA store where you can choose what you need and get your order started!

For those that want inspo

Our curated collections are just that – carefully selected products that we know your employees will love. As a member of the IGC global gift network, we have exclusive access to amazing, sustainable gifts.

Our exclusive IGC membership

As the exclusive Ireland partner of the IGC network, we have access to the best suppliers, product innovators and service delivery network in the world! It is our delight and privilege to deliver your brand excellence to your teams across the world.

Why become an ASA brand?

We put your brand in the heart of our family, up front and centre. We gather round and collectively create solutions unique to your requirements, going the extra mile because we genuinely care.

Our best sellers

Here’s what the cool kids are literally checking out…

Personally Connected Box


Bamboo Tablet Stand


Bobby Backpack


Sunflower in Terracotta Pot




Bamboo Pestle & Mortar



Today is a great day! We were awarded TWO Accreditations for our business from the All Ireland Business Foundation ASA Brands received The All-Star Branded Merchandise Company of the Year in Ireland for the second year and ASA Group received accreditation to the Business All-Stars Foundation for the THIRD year running.

So proud of all the team!

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Happy Turkey Day! 🦃 ...

Today's Sustainable product is the Double Wall Bamboo Flask. Bamboo is a material that we at ASA have been very involved with lately because of the environmental benefits and its quality which lasts. ...

It's Sustainability Week! Over the next few days we want to take the time to showcase products that are stylish, great quality, and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Visit our new and improved website to learn more about our sustainable practices, beliefs, and our plans for the future with promotional products.

#sustainablegifting #brandingsolutions #sustainablityweek

With Christmas approaching, make sure your gifts of recognition and appreciation say everything you want them to say. In light of global logistics delays and ever-changing inventory levels, don't wait to order!!

With our brand new website, it is easier than ever to browse and find the right gifts with no hassle. Shop our Sustainability Holiday Collection and share the magic of the season with the people who matter to you.

#asa #sustainablegifting #brandingsolutions

Give us a call or send us an email and our branding experts will get you the perfect promotional merchandise to get your company's name out there! You can also visit our new website to learn more about the incredible services we offer.

#promotionalgifts #brandingsolutions

With the holidays fast approaching there is no better time than now to start thinking about gifts. We offer many great products that are both great quality and good for the environment. Contact us today to learn more about all our unique and stylish products.

#sustainablilty #asabrands #holidays

This is an opportune time, with world leaders gathering at COP26, to share our focus on sustainable and eco gifting with you. At ASA Brands we are committed to bringing you some fabulous Eco gifts for your team and clients. With new ways of thinking, we can redesign the system by turning this linear economy into a circular economy.

If you haven’t already organised your Christmas gifts, maybe this is the time to look at a sustainable option and do your bit to help our planet. We have some wonderful gifting ideas to share with you.

At ASA we make sure to work with the top suppliers to offer and provide the best quality products.

Made for the ''Modern Nomad'' the Bobby Hero backpacks are designed to help you move safely, carefree, and organised. Contact us today to learn more about all the amazing and unique products we offer.

Have a great weekend! 🧛‍♂️🎃 ...

Your company's logo would look great on the Patagonia down sweater jacket. ASA strive to offer our clients unique, high quality products. Some clients choose to co-brand with a retail brand and we partner with a whole range! Talk with us today and discover the full list of our partner retail brands. ...

After over a year away we are so exited to welcome Rudy back to the Cork office!! Rudy works in our IT department and is an integral part in our daily business and brightens everyone’s day with that great big smile. Welcome back Rudy! ...

We are so excited about our brand refresh and our new website. The most important improvement and aspect of the site is the easy-to-navigate style allowing for less confusion and an overall better experience.

It also tells our story from beginning to present and all the amazing things we have accomplished in between. Go check it out today and experience it yourself!

Today, we are incredibly excited to introduce not only our brand refresh but also our new website.

Are these big changes? The simple answer is yes and no. We will continue to do what we do best but with a brand new look and feel that is more us! Check out www.asabrands.ie and let us know what you think.

Only 4 more sleeps until our re-brand is revealed!! We are all super excited for you to see our new look! Watch this space.

#rebrand #countdown #revamp #newwebsite

Spot the date on our image? We have something new on the way!! Look out on the 19th October for our big reveal! Drop us a message with your email/phone number for a surprise.

#rebrand #bigreveal #newlaunch #countdown

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